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Blue Hat SEO Techniques

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Blue Hat SEO Techniques

In Digital Marketing there are 3 types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):-

  • White Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

Recently just launch a 4th type SEO that is Blue Hat SEO.

What is Blue Hat SEO or Blue Hat Search Engine Optimization?

Blue Hat SEO, though new and latest update on internet Blue Hat SEO is fast becoming a useful technique of All Algorithms of search engine optimizations.

Blue Hat Techniques are:

  • Keyword Spoiling- This technique involves selecting the further keywords related which you would like to fluff and creating a search feature on the website for search box. The website has Related Searches tab on home page and every page of the website and put Links for search engine results for the keywords. Modeled on the black hat technique and method of keyword drafting, it is used by many website owners in the ethical way to generate lot of search traffic and visitor's.
  • Keyword Rotating- It is an effective technique to create traffic on the website or blog and involves the use of keywords phrases in various mixtures. Important keyword idioms are selected and spun in different combinations. Separate optimized pages are created for each keyword phrase for more results in short time.
  • Working Freshness factor– As Search engines consider freshness while ranking the website on any search engine platform; webmasters using this technique study the search engines as how search engines are doing this to other sites. Then they decide what quantity and quality of updating is needed to make it look fresh in the eyes of search engines for get a rank on the first page on Google or other search platforms.
  • Link Wheel– It is another Blue hat technique which is quite capable in creating back links to a website or blog. With the help of this method of blue hat seo, a website with the use of an optimized article creates links with other sites of high PageRank and in return gets quality back-links from the same Call Now +91-8810308567 for 100 % Guaranteed result.